About Kathir

A ray of hope

Kathir is an idea of three friends - Gowtham, Debjani, and Khatija but later it was officially launched by two. Its basic motive is to connect underprivileged individuals to the society who face challenges to seek opportunities and run their livelihood. The reason may be of Social stigma, they may be physically challenged, or in financial crisis. We build a bridge that connects them to the society. We train them to make commercial goods which are easily sellable in the market. Kathir is a very interactive initiative that trains the beneficiaries on how to be an entrepreneur by sharing experiences. It provides volunteering opportunities for individuals and corporations as well as collaborates with NGOs to provide them with CSR consultation.

The products that we make at Kathir are organic and handmade with love. We make sure that the products are skin friendly and eco-friendly. By promoting our products, we promote the unprivileged.

Our Founders

The Founders are from two extremes of the country Gowtham is from the southern part of the country whereas Debjani belongs to the eastern region. Same as their topographic differences they have a different educational background as well, Gowtham has an Engineering background and Debjani has finished her education with a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication. In spite of their vast differences, their ideologies are very alike. Both the founders have been volunteering since their college and school respectively. They are change makers!



Debjani is a Nature lover,who loves to explore. Finished her graduation with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and started her career in Media18 . She has always been fond of bringing social change by sustainability,so she joined Non-profits and supported them in implementing social change through different projects in Kolkata. Later she started supported women in Kolkata through skill development and as a Social media influencer she is supporting the women community in both designing and marketing their handmade traditional products and supporting their livelihood. Is is also a social media influencer how is promoting sustainablity in lifestyle through her different social media platforms.



Gowtham is a very active and jovial soul, a person who always makes the first initiative to interact. He has been volunteering for various organizations since his college. He joined Bhumi as a full-timer, he was looking after the training and development of the project, where he supported various activities from end to end. After his active participation in the projects, he was then promoted as the Lead Volunteer Engagement he looked after all civic initiative projects across Tamilnadu and also looked after the CSR events for corporates. And he successfully conducted more than 90 events thus far and has fulfilled the wishes of 7877 kids around in India between Jan 2018-March 2018 under the project joy to the world.